My chance.

Life has a way with experiences. Most of them, one you must learn from. Which means, it sucks, half the time. I can’t lie that the struggle to figure out life’s purpose for me, is really frustrating, and difficult at times. But what’s great about having to go through all that, is being so lucky to have someone.

Someone once said to me, “you get ONE CHANCE to have someone who’s good, who will love you with honesty, who will fill your life with happiness. Hold on to that, don’t let it go.”

I never used to believe in chances. I thought chances were for losers who couldn’t get their shit right, and had to be given a new one everytime to correct themselves, was such a cheat.



I got my chance to have someone be there for me, be there for the struggles in life. For the times when I’m outta my wits, and I need someone to pick-me-up out my rut, he’s that person. He’s my person. He’s my best friend. He’s my spirit animal, he’s my better half!

I am so thankful to be able to say that this person has so much patience for me, so much understanding, so much heart, such generosity, and such perfect silence, in the right moments, he blows me away.

His love is so raw, so honest, so big, and filled with so much it even gives more to our children, in every pocket.

He’s the epitome of a man’s, man. The epitome of a true leader. The epitome of a great father, and the epitome of the perfect husband.

I am forever thankful to have someone like him. Thankful to go through life with someone like him. Thankful for such an awesome partner to go on the adventures of parenthood. He definitely fills my heart, and my life with so much love, happiness, and joy.

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