I missed a couple of days, but I’m here now. 

We had our last ultrasound yesterday to check on the growth of the baby before birth to make sure everything is good to go. Its all waiting time now. We were able to get a proper confirmation (even with the not 100%) of the sex of the baby.

Yes, arriving this March (aaaah, two months away), we are welcoming ‘Cassiopeia (Cassi-o-pe-ia) Reine’! 🙂
In case you still don’t know if thats a boy or girl..IT’S A GIRL!

We are so excited to be welcoming another bundle of joy into our family.

Although it’s been super crazy with being super pregnant, and keeping up with everything else with the kids.. Its a blessing for us to be receiving another baby to help grow our family, and have more fun. 

Life is crazy good like that.

7.5 // sad post

I spent all day yesterday feeling like crap. The way the baby is positioned may be causing me to feel nauseated. My body is in all sorts of pain, and my bladder has no plug (its like a free-running stream). I’ve finally reached the pregnancy-insomnia stage, and im not sleeping.

Im a walking zombie. The weight of this baby, for little tiny, me..is literally giving me pain. I dont recall arty being this heavy. But its wearin me out.

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