I have saved this video time, and time again. I have never actually sat down and watched this six minute video on Jada Pinkett being a mom. While some of the stuff she said dragged-on, I will say this though… 

Often times, the expectations of MOM’s are so high–that we loose ourselves trying to ‘balance’ everything. Often times, the ones who are more organized, and sergeant about every detail of their life, are the ones who loose their sh*t, about everything. I can attest to this. 

I have spent the last six years of my life as a mother to aK, thinking I’m doing just fine balancing it all. But in the last six years, I’ve had several breakdowns, from exhaustion, and sacrificing everything to be ‘that mom’. What does it even mean to be ‘THAT MOM’?

I don’t want to be just their mom. I want to be an awesome wife, to J. I want to be an awesome ME, so that I can be happy. Happiness isn’t a bad thing. Just because, we’re moms now doesn’t mean we have to forget about ourselves. TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES is really the important key to being able to tend, and care to everyone else that make our family. Our family rely on us for so much, that if all our pieces aren’t pieced together, it will make it that much harder to be the person they need us to be. 

So let me add on to my goal for this year: TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, whatever that means to me. 

  • A coffee break in the morning, before Arty wakes up.
  • A read of an article or two online. 
  • Put on make-up.
  • Get dressed.
  • Blog while Arty naps.
  • Take an hour a day (whatever time of the day to myself).
  • Go out on the weekend, alone.

It is crucial for the health of all moms, to give themselves the sanity they need, to keep their family sane. 

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