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Mommy & Cassiopeia. 

Artemis’ First Birthday

Artemis turned one on Friday. We had a small birthday party for her Saturday.

In the Filipino culture, we tend to celebrate every birthdays with a huge gathering. This is because, most filipino families consist of at least 30 people. My family + J’s family = renting a hall, ordering crazy amounts of food, and having a head big enough to get through all the preparation, and executions. 

With being seven and a half months, I couldn’t even get through thinking about what the menu would be, so I thought, a dinner with the Godparents would be a low-key idea. But then, you can’t hurt the Grandparents feelings, so we had to consider them, along with the siblings. Well I gave up quickly and opted for a party at the Grandparents, with a couple of the Godparents that could make it, and some friends. It was good enough. Arty was happy!

//Did I tell you? Monday evenings are awesome? J, is only gone till 945am, which means the rest of the Monday’s to do stuff. Thus, I am blogging at 630, while aK eats dinner beside me. Yes, he’s wondering what I’m doing, and how I can type without looking at the keyboard. Where is the words flowing from?

I’m about to enjoy Tuesday – Friday Mornings, if J, goes with the idea of dropping aK to school. I probably just jinxed it. *(insert fail emoticon here)*

Mac & Cheese. 

The staple food, in every Canadian household with children. 

If you’ve never tried it. TRY IT!

It’s one of those memories, you can count on to have for story time. 

There’s really just one way to make it, according to the box instructions. But you can dress it, in many different ways. I like hotdogs and ketchup. Mostly ketchup. 

But this is worth a blog, because look at my photography skills, and yum. 

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