Friends then Wife

Next week, is when things get back to the usual for J. That means, a busy schedule for the next few months. 

One of my many goals for this year is, to REMEMBER I AM A FRIEND FIRST and then A WIFE. 


This year has taught me that while things may get chaotic, and crazy at times with being parents, and managing life with children, and a list of responsibilities, that I have someone to go through the motion with. 

J, and I spend so much of our time trading skills on who feeds the baby, changes the diapers, takes the firstborn to school, picks up the firstborn, does the groceries, alternates the laundry schedules, and it gets overwhelming. It becomes difficult to recall who we are individually, and together for each other. 


This year, I have to make all the efforts in the world to remember that while he is the father of the little munchkins we have, and our responsibilities are a list of who does what, when, where… HE IS MY BEST FRIEND. When you have a best friend, who makes you smile all the time, who drives you crazy, who talks your ear out, who loves you with everything he is, and then some, you love that person for who he is to you, not just who he is to everything else in your life

I will talk softly 
I will listen with heart
I will speak as your friend first, then your wife
I will do whatever it takes to remind us, we are US before, ‘Mom & Dad’.

Love, Beb

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