My type of love

I was walking home to my in-laws after a day at the salon getting a much needed manicures pedicure, and I seen my younger brother-in-law shootin hoops with Apollo. He disappeared behind the car parked in the driveway. As I got closer, Apollo came back running with a small plant in his hand with two, beautiful, red, nicely-bloomed flower. 

It isn’t every week that a busy mom like myself gets a treat to get pampered for a couple of hours. Perhaps those are the little luxuries I took for granted as a single gal, so many moons ago.

It isn’t because of my children that I’m unable to keep some kind of level of ‘pretty-ness’. I never wore make-up on the daily–before the whole ‘kids thing’ to say I’m missing that these days. Nor did I pride myself on dressing up a certain way before I had children. Therefore, a lot of the time I look like, your everyday, exhausted looking mom because the dark circles I had before I even had any children, has become more permanent from the lack of sleep, I choose to have for the sake of my children. Yes, I’m that kind of mom.

I wear, what I wear because comfort is a big deal. When you have children seven years old and younger, there’s no point in wearing fancy, name-brand outfits. If you are the type of mom to get through the day using your shirt as every type of cloth, may it be to: wipe hands, snot, milk drips, dirty mouths, etc., then there is absolutely no reason for you to dress like you’re about to attend an adult, weekend bbq. 

There are better things that matter to me most, than how people perceive me through my outfit of the day. I do, however, give kudos to my fellow-moms who keep their exterior portrait on point.

I live in this hoodie

(Off topic but..)

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with an old friend. Pinks and I go way back, to twelve and thirteen year olds, trying to figure out if, one day we ever married one of the BSBs or N’Sync hotties, how would life be?

We rekindled our friendship in high school, taking summer school together. I think we spent one class, just chatting up one time, and never actually made it to class. A three hour class wasted on high school drama. That was our life then, and it was important to be able to discuss this and give that the priority. 

A few years down the line I had Apollo, and then she had B, and all of a sudden, mothering and all the attachments to that, ran our world.

Through all those changes, one thing never changed..Pinks had always kept up with her extroverted image. She was always into that kind of stuff, the girly stuff. I, more of the tomboy gettup.

We’re all different. We mom different. We do us different, and that’s ok. That’s what makes us unique.

What I’m trying to get at is…

While sometimes I wish I could give myself the attention to be able to ‘fix’ myself up every morning, I choose not to. I don’t bother because I would rather spend that fifteen minutes glamming myself to get some extra few minutes in bed, with my kids.  I would rather spend those fifteen minutes, staring at how beautiful my children are preciously growing, each day. I am willing to give all of me, in this way, to my kids. And I am ok with that.

My life

I am, every bit still loved, still wanted, still appreciated, still needed, STILL their mom.

…and gestures as sweet as that, need no change in my type of love.


xo, M.

“I am proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother.”

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