In a funk.

I haven’t been able to blog the way I want to, because I seem to be in a funk.
The days of Cassiopeia’s arrival is coming very close (37 days to go), and I guess my body is just preparing for it. Thus, I’ve been feeling a lot of things lately. One with aches, two sleeplessness, and three, just exhaustion from my daily grind. 

I got braxton hicks the other night, it was a lot more painful that i’ve ever gotten them before. With aK & Arty, they didn’t really interfere with what I had to do physically. This time around, I had to literally lay down. I just wanted to crawl into a ball, and squeeze my stomach. It hurt so much, I literally fell asleep. 

I know I’ve said a few times in my previous posts, but I’m literally starting to get really tired, I just don’t want to mommy from now until I give birth to this baby. It’s so hard to get through the day with all that I have to get through, and be eight months pregnant. It’s crazy. But, I’ve got a month and a bit left. I’m just going to have to push through this. 

Resolution 1.3

This year I said, I would take the time to dress-up, and put some make-up on every morning even if im not heading out to anything important. Well, I this this article sums-up every ‘busy’ moms out there. Im talking about moms who are actually dedicated to being moms, and then some. Because lets be honest, we all know that one mom, who only uses the title because she does have children after all, but is actually far from being ‘A MOM’. 😒

Resolution 1.3


This video is sad. It took this father to send his kids a “death” letter to get them to stop for a second, and think about the parent they’ve set to the back burner time, and time again. They cried as soon as they thought their dad had passed. How sad!

I understand that when you start your own life, you tend to have less time for the people who used to consume your time, and effort. Sometimes it’s not a matter of not wanting to be there for them, but time, circumstances just can’t get you there. But occasions that are important, must always be prioritized.

Ex. Anytime anyone ever needed you in the family, for whatever small or big, one should make all the effort to make it, and be there. Friends, should find the effort to see each other. Promises should be kept, no matter what!



Parenting according to Leslie Knope.

I tried this one time.

I told Apollo this Asian vegetable called “sayote” which taste like nothing was given to me by some pirate, I met on the street.

When I finished cooking the vegetable, and I proceeded to put it in his mouth, the smell threw him off and he ran away.

At least, I tried.

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