Mental Illness//’#BellLetsTalk’

iYesterday, ‘Bell’, a mobile/television network provider in Canada had it’s supportive initiative about bringing awareness to everyone about the importance of recognizing Mental Illness in our society.

Mental Illness is hard to talk about. Not everyone knows when its happening, or knows what to do when it does happen. There’s a stigma around it, that makes it hard for everyone to be one about it. It is a sensitive matter, and at some point in life people will experience this, maybe not always to its full extent but it happens to a lot of people, every day. 

I personally can relate to this. I have battled depression at many points in my life. I say many points, because I feel like it went away, and came back at certain times for me. But depression doesn’t go away. It merely hides in the back burner, and catches up with you when you least expect it. 

Depression isn’t a thing that you sort of choose to be in. It kinda just takes over you, not choosy of any specific situations. It isn’t that you’re too weak, or inexperience in life that you get into a rut, it’s just sometimes mentally, you get really lost, in the feelings. And everything in the feels kinda just mesh, and you’re a lost soul–until you get help. 

When you struggle with depression, it’s hard for anyone else to help you, unless they’re truly educated about it. You become distant, you become isolated, and it gets hard to socialize. You lose friends, sometimes family members from being in it. 

It’s probably the hardest thing I ever had to go through. To feel alone, to feel lost, to feel like there’s no point in anything. 

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