Artemis Kiana, 11 mos


Artemis is “the goddess of hunting”.

We thought that for a second child we would have another son. The Hernandez blood is strong with bearing mostly male children. J, has two other brothers and we thought that we would end up having mostly boys since there’s only one girl in all his cousins.

The chances of having mostly boys seemed to have diminished as soon as we found out we were going to have a baby girl.

Artemis is a lot like her father. She is funny, sweet and is the definition of fun. She is fierce, sassy, a mixture of girly, and rough like a boy.
Her middle name is also Hawaiian,‘Kianna’. We decided we would give her the same initials as her brother since in the books they’re twins.

Kiana means, ‘moon goddess’. 

Apollo Kai, 6 ans


Apollo “the Sun God” in the books.

He is many things, but we mostly stick to the very defining of his name as The Sun. His middle name, ‘Kai’ was chosen by me. I wanted a name that flowed with his first name and one that would hold a meaning that we as parent will always be proud of. Kai means Ocean in Hawaiian. Cleverly, J, came up with this very sweet definition for Apollo Kai.

“He is as bright as the sun and as deep as the ocean”.

Apollo, definitely amongst other things, lives up to his name. He is kind, sweet, loving, and thoughtful. His soul shines with so much fun, witty-ness and joy. ​

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