Mommying Three

Today couldn’t go as planned.
I slept at 1:30 a.m., since Cassi has resorted to the pacifier to sleep.

This is what happens, when the hubby puts the baby to sleep at night. He didn’t know what I meant when I said, Cassi keeps me up at night. I had J, put Cassi to sleep the night before our super long trip to Windsor, ON to see some potential houses (don’t worry that’s part of the news, I’ll get to in the next few write-ups). I thought I’d get all the stuff we needed for the trip ready for the night before since doing it that morning, would never allow us to leave by seven in the morning. Well, J was so ‘exhausted’, and Cassi wouldn’t let him sleep that he thought shoving a soother in her mouth would help. It did! She was asleep in no time. 😑 The first two kids (aK, 7 & Arty, 1) never had to rely on soothers, to sleep. I was determined this time around I’d do the same. But that was broken when I asked J, to help me.

Although, Cassi now falls asleep a lot faster with a soother in her mouth..the struggle to keep it in her mouth is another story, another paragraph. 😧

BTW, I’m blogging from my phone because I just didn’t have the brains to bring a laptop with me to Starbucks when I have two babies. It’s funny, usually they bring laptops to Starbucks-not babies. 😒

There are two types of mom (you know this). There’s the laid back, go with the flow, fun mom who kicks back and takes everything as it comes. No worry. Then there’s mom’s like me, who thinks of everything to the T. Mom’s who obsesses about keeping a list/schedule for every thing that’s happening.

I had prepared the girls bag, aK’s lunch box and my purse last night. Even numbers of diapers for the girls, a pack of wipes, a pair of outfit, milk dispensers, fresh bottles, I got it. Unhealthy Monday lunch, for aK (lunchables, chocolate pudding, cheese and crackers, juice box and a brownie bear paw). Where was my head this morning. Everything in that lunch box is something his dad would pack. 😨 Oh right, having a newborn… you’re absolutely done. You can’t get shit right at this point. There’s no being well prepared like you were during the first born or even the second born’s baby days. I thought I still got it right when Arty was a newborn. Getting ready with two kids, was so easy. Everything was remembered. This time around, my 45 min well ahead of time, ‘prep time’ was a joke. 😐 aK was late for school, like he’s never been late before.

The lady who’s got this swag walk (She’s got a limp) was already heading back through the short-cut, when usually, on my way back she’s just getting to the school. The care-taker even got to the back gate before me, ready to lock me in and make me go all the way around to our street, instead of having access to the short-cut. That’s how late we were. Thankfully, when we got to the school-they have yet to lock the side door where aK enters and exits from. Otherwise, I’d have to go around to the front and have in go inside alone because how does one carry a one year old and a newborn at the same time, when you’re a stumpy, post-preggo, 5’2 gal with no upper strength? Oh you don’t!

I’m sitting at Starbucks, with a half eaten, picked-at croissant, a coffee cake, and a ½ dranked ice coffee, that’d usually finished off by now coz I’ve been sitting here for half an a hour now. I have no energy to eat or even drink. I don’t even know how I’m sitting up right, because I woke up at 3:45 a.m. to feed Cassi and she didn’t go back to sleep after the eating, burping, spitting up, and pacifier ordeal until almost 5 a.m..and then, the alarm went off for J, this morning at 6:10 a.m. and then again at 7:30 a.m. for aK. .

The life of a mom is serious.

Just waiting on J, then we’ve got a doctor’s appointment for Cassi. The day just began, and im already done.


I understand we all get tired, but there is nothing like parental exhaustion. Am I right or am I right?

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