I know, I know.. I said, one per day but, J had food poisoning on Friday night, and Arty’s 1st Birthday party dinner with her godparents was saturday night. I literally was a chicken without a head. Imagine a baby in tow, a six year old, and a super pregnant woman trying to supermom it all those two days. Expect Sunday means, I halfly, died. Just halfly died since, I am supermom afterall.

This morning seems to be a case of the ‘bad mondays’ with -18 weather, and a six year old with morning ‘tude. Typical day right? Except, it meant layers of clothing for three people = more time gone = aK late for school. 😩

Im blogging from my phone, while Arty, and I sit at Starbucks for some morning fancies (white chocolate moccha & banana loafs). J, is just out for the morning, since Arty’s due for her One year old immunization at 11. The case of the ‘bad mondays’ is about to drag on. Arty’s bound to release some evil after those painful shots on both her legs. 😯

I promise to post photos tonight. 😶

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