Half Point

It’s been nineteen days since my last post. It’s been crazy busy in the last few weeks, with small minor details consuming our days. It’s not very often when we get ‘down time’. There’s always plenty to do. Aside from mommy duties, there are a ton of stay-at-home mom stuff that needs tending to.

The last three weeks, seemed to have been a little easier with going out. Exactly three weeks ago, I got my license to legally drive. It’s been great to to just go when you have to. I’ve taken Apollo on ‘mommy and kuya’ dates, frozen yogurt treats with Arty, and small ventures to the grocery and Starbucks for some ‘me-time’.

Apollo was to spend two weeks at his grandparents in Toronto, but half-way through his mini-vacation away from home, he missed us and wanted to come home. We drove to Toronto, two consecutive weekends in a row. Dropping him off, and then picking him up. He, of course, changed his mind, the minute we arrived. Bribed with the thoughts of camping in the backyard with Papa, and other small adventures with the person he admires most, Papa. We didn’t end up letting him stay, because missing him was just too much. So now, the house is filled with noise, running around, and constant ‘mommy can I play on the Wii-u”, “watch YouTube”, “play NHL on the PS4”, and so on. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The girls and I have been sick this week. In the middle of summer, it’s always fun to be sick…said nobody! Perhaps, we’re all just a little tired and then some.

Does anybody know what happened to summer? It’s already half way done. It seems like it was just last week, when Apollo finished Grade 1, and we’re excited about the summer at home. Now, it’s half way over and we’re thinking about school shopping for Grade 2. On that same note; Apollo is going to Grade 2. Whoa. Where did the time go? I can’t believe he’s going into Grade 2. It’s all too fast.

Two months from now it’s Halloween, and it’ll be Cassi’s first Halloween. Then two months after that, it’s Christmas. I’m not mad though. Christmas is the most exciting time of the year in my household. We absolutely love Christmas. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the one who gets everyone riled up about it. But hey, I can’t wait. It’s definitely exciting to decorate and have the kids celebrate this wonderful time. It puts an emphasis on Family, not that it’s not emphasized enough throughout the year. But it makes it a must! I can’t wait!

I realize this post barely has anything for you to ponder about. But then again, I said I would only share what I had in mind.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday…wait, it’s Wednesday!

Just a rant of updates for you.


xo, MM


Christmas is literally one week away. Usually leading up to it, is a joyful and celebrated time in my household. This year, I’ve no decorations or have yet to wrap gifts. So…this year is a write-off.

I’ll do better next Christmas!

This Christmas marks Arty’s first one. First tree, first decorating tradition, first time putting the tree topper with J, first time seeing all the lights, and ornaments, first time marking one of the traditions we’ve always had in our family, for Arty.

It’s an amazing feeling.


This video is sad. It took this father to send his kids a “death” letter to get them to stop for a second, and think about the parent they’ve set to the back burner time, and time again. They cried as soon as they thought their dad had passed. How sad!

I understand that when you start your own life, you tend to have less time for the people who used to consume your time, and effort. Sometimes it’s not a matter of not wanting to be there for them, but time, circumstances just can’t get you there. But occasions that are important, must always be prioritized.

Ex. Anytime anyone ever needed you in the family, for whatever small or big, one should make all the effort to make it, and be there. Friends, should find the effort to see each other. Promises should be kept, no matter what!


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