Must have been the fever..

Monday to Friday the clock strikes at 7:30 and I give myself another ten minutes to find the strength for my bottom half to get up and support my top half. Most moms will relate, I don’t think we actually sleep when you have young children. I spend at least two to three times up to fetch a bottle for Arty (thank god, she sleeps while she drinks) and then I’m up for Apollo to ready him for school (gotta get that edu-ma-ca-tion). After he’s off to school, Arty and I may, or may not head to Starbucks for our morning ritual of ‘going for a walk’. We’ll either spend breakfast there or head home. The air helps tire her out?

This morning is a late start for, J. Just before he left, he noticed Apollo was running a temperature. His whole body was hot. So of course, he gave him some medicine to calm the fever and a note for me would have gone like this,
“Kai is sick with a fever. I gave him tylenol. Give him a cold shower and tell him lots of rest”.
My husband should have been a doctor. He would have told me that in the note, because I panic when the kids are sick. I’m terrible at staying calm, when they’re unwell. Thank God, I knew what he would have said, otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.

Trying to tend to Apollo can be challenging when the little one is not entertained by her usual fun video of “Five Little Ducks” by Little Baby Bum on Youtube. She’ll cry behind the Starwars Box calling out for me, until I come back and she stares at me with tears running down her face. Sometimes, I wanna write a book on what I think babies are saying and thinking. Arty sounds really funny in most of my versions.

Anyway it’s just lunch time and my  morning has been quite an adventure already. I’ve got to run to the trusty over-the-counter people for some medicine on fixing fevers and smashed screens because I smartly dropped the corner of the laptop on my screen phone. The universe is lovely today.


xoxo, mom

Author: mommyingmaars

Maria, author of Imommy blog. Maria has three children, Apollo (8), Artemis (2), and Cassiopeia (1). She is due to marry her best friend July 2017. Maria used to be a Registered Early Childhood Educator, before having her second child. She is now a SAHM, that is not paid for wearing many other professional hats. She is, and not limited to some of these professional positions: Doctor, Nurse, Nanny, Chef, Maid, Uber Driver, and so on.. When she isn't mothering or tending to all her other unlicensed professional positions, she loves writing and dancing. She is a previous ballroom and latin competitor. Some of her favourite "stuff" are, turtles/turtoises, the colour green (lime - forest), Laneige's Sleeping mask, make-up, and eating (food is her most favourite self-care aspect). Maria is also currently writing a book on her autobiography, which has been ongoing for the last few years, she's certain she'll eventually finish if she could just get over the hump of emotions attached to exploring oneself. As you read Maria's blogs, you'll get a feel of the true individual that she is, which can sometimes be a fine line of crazy and sweet, but not too sweet. Maria hopes you'll enjoy her blog as she does talking in her head to herself as her fingers skim through the letters on her keyboard. A message from Maria; I do not intend to use my writing to impose or tell you how motherhood should be done. I am no pro at this, and find as I share my wisdom from my experiences, that it shall uncover parts of your heart that find it relatable. My posts aren't always consistent in writing, but it is meant for you to to take in as it is. Find it humurous, sad, lonely, or helpful. Whatever it is you take from it, it only means one thing.. that I have found a place in your mind for those few minutes you dedicated to reading my crap. Thank you for being here, for giving me the chance to share my thoughts. Please return, and remember all written materials and photos on this site, is not to be taken without permission. xo, MM

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